Steven A. Herrlin - Director of Photography/Lighting Cameraman
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''Steve, as an artist, brings attention to detail and rich compositions that leap off the screen...He is a continuous learner, always researching and testing the  latest technology.  Steve allows the producer or director to stay focused on their job because they know
Steve is doing his.''
Randy Kamptner - Executive Producer / Exclaim, Inc.

Super 16/Music Video
Panavision 35mm anamorphic
Arriflex on camera crane
Handheld/Surfer interview
Dramatic short shooting on beach at sunset

''Working on a tight budget we had two days to shoot twenty-four pages. Not only did Steve get the job done...the  images  he captured for me
on celluloid were  absolutely amazing !   Having Steve behind the camera enabled me to hide the limited budget constraints...people simply couldn't tell.''
Steven D. Addair - Writer/Producer/Director, New York, N.Y.

Interview/working from doorway dolly
High atop a Chapman Dolly
Arriflex 35-III / sunny exterior, Commercial
Shooting handheld on streets of San Francisco
Technical Documentary/ not always serious!

Camera Crane/Insert Car
Aaton shooting off Hi-Hat at sunset
Insert Car following action
Aaton (XTR) prod. on Cartoni Dutch Head
16mm / dramatic meeting opener

A Lighting/Cameraman Assisting Producers & Directors for over 30 Years.
Experience...which translates to a professional job and an effective message!
Corporate Image Commercials Documentary Web Based Fashion Music Video