Steven A. Herrlin - Director of Photography/Lighting Cameraman
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Challenging, beautiful and rewarding, from a color and photographic standpoint, nowhere else in creation is the palette and level of intricate detail so limitless as in the underwater world.

Steve on Scuba with Camera Housing
Shooting in Reef (Not on Live Coral)
Filming Manatee Calf in Crystal River
16mm / single Manatee feeding on sea grass
Filming 2 divers exploring wreck in Curaçao

''Steve's knowledge of aerial and underwater photography sets him apart from the crowd.  Steve has a wonderful eye  for lighting and camera work as well as  years of creative and technical experience  with the ability to problem-solve tough, logistical situations.''
Sharon Zurek - Producer/Director
Black Cat Productions, Inc.

Tugboat wreck in Curaçao reef
Entire Manatee family feeding on bottom
French Angel / Cozumel Mexico reef

A Lighting/Cameraman Assisting Producers & Directors for over 30 Years.
Experience...which translates to a professional job and an effective message!
Corporate Image Commercials Documentary Web Based Fashion Music Video