Steven A. Herrlin - Director of Photography/Lighting Cameraman
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''Steve has a dedication   to quality  second to none that I've ever worked with. With today's format infrastructure up for grabs, he remains steadfast   in his film roots. Even when we can't shoot film, he finds a way to make it look like we did -- and
I Value That Greatly! ''
Steven  La Brasca - Director/Producer, Three Nine Films

Car-mounted camera with wide angle lens
Special ''On-The-Water'' Gimbal Boat Rig
D-600 Handheld Betacam (Sp) at equipment prep.
Vehicle interior with over-the-shoulder POV
Corporate shoot with Dolly and Teleprompter

''What Steve does is refined  :  all action is  purposeful   and the job just gets done.  He listens to what I am looking for, discusses the fine points with me, and then works with the crew to make it happen.  Period.  End of story! ''
John Teegarden - J. Teegarden Productions

Revolution Lens System on dolly
Matte Box Rods used to protect W.A. Lens
Betacam mounted on Jimmy Jib-arm

Mini DV shooting wildlife up close and personal
Music Video shot for 16x9 DVD
Handheld on Blue-Screen Dinosaur in studio?

A Lighting/Cameraman Assisting Producers & Directors for over 30 Years.
Experience...which translates to a professional job and an effective message!
Corporate Image Commercials Documentary Web Based Fashion Music Video