Steven A. Herrlin - Director of Photography/Lighting Cameraman
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Get spectacular aerial footage by working with an aerial D.P. who knows the advantages and limits of the various helicopter mounts and camera techniques necessary in aerial photography.  Combine the right mount with the right aircraft, utilizing the unique talents of an aerial D.P. who is committed to the success of your project.

Middle Mount Configuration:

  Arriflex 35-III on Middle Mount with Gyro Assist (above)
  Arriflex 16-SR2 & Middle Mount in Bell-Jet Long Ranger (below)
The Tyler Middle Mount, as well as other side mounts are designed for shooting out the side of a helicopter.  They are most commonly used on the right-hand side of the aircraft.  Side mounts allow for tracking shots of moving objects, flyby's and/or flying circles around your subject.

Nose Mount Configuration:

Sony H.D./Cine Alta on Nose Mt.
Nose Mount/Bell- Jet Long Ranger

Sony D-35 w/Nose Mt. on M.D.500
Betacam (Sp) & Tyler Nose Mt.
The Nose Mount is hard mounted just below the aircraft's nose.  The camera mount can easily be tilted up or down while in flight. The best shots generally are straight on, approaching, and looking in a forward direction - much like mowing a lawn.  Examples: following roads, shorelines, rivers, valleys and mountain ridges.

Ball Mount Configuration:

The Ball Mount configuration houses the camera lens and sometimes the entire camera combined with multiple gyros.  These gyros stabilize the shot allowing for moderate to long lenses to be used while maintaining a level horizon.

''Steve is a  quality  D.P.  The aerial footage we filmed together for Chicago's Sears Tower is ' out of this world ' and we were thrilled to work with such caliber  talent .  His versatility  coupled with his aerial experience provided  added production value  on our project!''
John Lawrence - Image Work Communications


A Lighting/Cameraman Assisting Producers & Directors for over 30 Years.
Experience...which translates to a professional job and an effective message!
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